Since 2014 Errkaa and his team have been performing existentialist picture hangings in public spaces, and since February 2015 he has been online with this website. Large-format shaped canvases are the main element of the picture hangings. These usually display fragments of nudes drawn in Indian ink whose purpose is to beguile us humans, the meaning-seeking machines, into reading stories. It is also possible to make out connections between the artworks and the architecture into which they are hung. On the basis of a coherent context comprised of format, artwork and architecture, the formal split and the split within contextual levels comes into play: the viewer can only recognize or rather make up episodes within the large formats. The meaning of a picture hanging lies in its being an excerpt from a piece of wavering existence. For this reason, sound and picture are not deliberately distorted. Wind, background noises and road traffic are the real protagonists in the contexts chosen by Errkaa. Only occasionally does the viewer set off on foot - armed with a camera and indifferent curiosity - to see what is there.

These temporary installations are recorded on two photo and two video files, the latter usually lasting for no more than two to three minutes.

Picture Hanging 6 was staged at the Xpon-Art Gallery in Hamburg, and Picture Hanging 10 at the Kulturbunker FRIEDA, likewise in Hamburg. None of the other temporary installations took place in established institutional surroundings. Quite often, the architecture used was about to be converted to a new use, with all the major reconstruction work that this entails.